Best Smartwatch for Men & Women in India (TAGG Verve 1)
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TAGG Verve Smartwatch || Compatible with Android & IOS

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Best Smartwatch for Men & Women in India (TAGG Verve 3)
Best Smartwatch for Men & Women in India (TAGG Verve 4)
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Best Smartwatch for Men & Women in India (TAGG Verve 6)

Music Controls

Music Controls

The smartwatch comes with a remote music player and offers complete convenience to its users. You do not have to reach out for your smartphone every time when you want to pause or play music, change tracks, or control the volume.

Remote Camera

Remote Camera

With the remote camera feature, clicking pictures from your device became easier than ever. Keep your smartphone at a distance and just shake the smartwatch on your wrist to click as many pictures as you want!

Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker

Never worry about misplacing your smartphone. When you use the  ‘Find Phone’ feature on your smartwatch, it will send a loud buzz on your phone and help you find it.

To know more about the feature-packed TAGG Verve Smartwatch

Verve Smartwatch Specsheet


Yes, The TAGG Verve smartwatch has a full touchscreen display.

TAGG Verve comes with a charging cable and a user manual.

TAGG Verve smartwatch for men and women has an IP68 rating. It makes the smartwatch fit enough to withstand dust, dirt, and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.

TAGG Verve is not equipped with a camera.

TAGG Verve does not come with a camera. But you can click pictures through the Yfit app in your smartphone using the ‘Shutter’ option in Smartwatch’s Menu.

No, the smartwatch does not have a gallery to view photos.

Yes, you can reject calls from the smartwatch.

Yes, it does have a phone tracking option. Your device should be connected to the smartwatch through the YFit app. Choose the ‘Find Phone’ option from the menu in the smartwatch and your device will start ringing so you can locate it ease.

Yes, TAGG Verve comes with a motion sensor that turns on the display as you turn your wrist.

TAGG Verve has a remote music player to control songs in your smartphones but it cannot store music.

No, TAGG Verve cannot play music through Bluetooth headset directly, but it can play/pause and change tracks through the smartphone.

No, the smartwatch does not have an always-on screen. Flip your watch if you wish to turn on the screen.

Yes, you have the option to change the watch faces from the smartwatch menu and access multiple preset and customizable watch faces through the App.

Turn on the screen of the smartwatch, go to the Stopwatch feature. Press play to start the stopwatch. Press pause to pause it. Long press the button to exit the stopwatch.

TAGG Verve comes with a Heart Rate sensor.

No, TAGG Verve does not come with GPS and WiFi. However, it can track location through your phone’s GPS when paired with the app.

Download YFit App on your smartphone, turn on the Bluetooth, and make sure your smartwatch is on. Follow the instructions on the Yfit app to connect it to your device and you are good to go.

This happens due to a connectivity breakage in your smartwatch.

Restart your TAGG Verve from your phone to set it up.

TAGG Verve comes with a battery capacity of 170 mAh that delivers up to 10 days of battery life.

This could happen due to a break in the connectivity between TAGG Verve and the App. Please check if your smartphone and the watch are within Bluetooth range and the alerts have been turned on in the App.

To restart, long-press the button on the smartwatch and turn it off than long-press it again to turn it on.

It takes approximately 2 hours to charge your smartwatch. Once the smartwatch is fully charged, it will display 100% charged.

The battery level of TAGG Verve will be displayed on its watch face. It varies based on the chosen watch face.

By turning down the brightness level and switching Heart Rate Detection from Automatic to Manual, you would be able to extend your smartwatch’s battery life.

Bluetooth connection and the App sync the data between the smartwatch and the device.

The name of the app is Yfit.

You can manage profiles from the app. Open the App. Go to User. Choose Personal Info and feed the data.

No, it’s not possible to connect with friends on TAGG Verve.

Open the YFit App. Look for the Share Icon, select the medium with which you want to share.

You can change the units of measurement in your App. Open the App. Go to ‘Me’. Choose ‘Unit Setting’. Choose the preferred unit setting and confirm.

The smartwatch shows notifications for the social networking apps that have been synced with the App.

A break in the connectivity between TAGG Verve and the App can result in such a problem. Please check Bluetooth range is correct between the band and the device and the alerts have been turned on in the App.

Yes, you can see messages and caller information when you get the message and call notification as long as the smartwatch is synced with the App.

Yes. One must turn on the call notification on the App to view incoming call information.

Once the smartwatch has been synced with the App in your smartphone, you’ll get notified of the messages on TAGG Verve. The messages can be read only at the time of the notification.

TAGG Verve estimates the number of calories burned on the basis of your activity duration, steps taken and distance covered.

Yes, It has an in-built pedometer.

One can track their heart rate with the smartwatch, both manually or automatically. You can get a detailed analysis of the App.

To see heart rate on your TAGG Verve smartwatch, you are required to wear it on your wrist and there should be no space between your wrist and the smartwatch. You can check the App for a detailed analysis.

TAGG Verve is compatible with all Android phones (Android 5.0 and above).

TAGG Verve is compatible with an iPhone (IOS 9.0 and above).

You can remove the strap from the dial and replace the strap.

Yes, there is a 1-year warranty covering all the manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.

No, the shipping is FREE. We do not charge any shipping expenses.

Standard tracked shipping takes 3-5 working days.

Yes, once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking link that allows you to keep track of your order. If you have any problem tracking your order, you can freely contact us at

We only accept pre-paid & COD mode of payment.


  • The prices of the product are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • A certified IP68 rating makes the smartwatch waterproof. The smartwatch can withstand sand, dust and dirt and is also resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.
  • The actual appearance of the smartwatch may slightly differ from the illustrated picture.
  • The battery life of the smartwatch varies with usage and other factors.
  • Sync the smartwatch with the YFit App and pair it with your compatible smartphone to get the best experience.
  • TAGG Verve will take up to 2 hours to charge.
  • The measurement results from features such as the heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor etc, are for reference only and cannot be used as medical data.


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