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TAGG ZeroG Totally Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic

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Wireless Earbuds
Wireless Earbuds
Dual Driver True Wireless earphone in India
Best True Wireless Earphones in India 2019
Bluetooth V.5.0

Bluetooth V.5.0

Dual Drivers

Dual Drivers

35 Hours of Backup

35 Hours of Backup

QCC3020 Chipset

QCC3020 Chipset

 IPX5 Water Resistance

IPX5 Water Resistance

These totally wireless high performance earbuds feature an IPX5 rating that allows them to be splash and water resistant, leading to an incredible performance that let you enjoy every rhythm of music without getting hampered.

Experience Extended Playtime

Experience Extended Playtime

 TAGG ZeroG True Wireless Earbuds comes with 2x40mAh that provide you up to 16 hours of playtime with 35 hours of continuous playtime to make your experience to listening to tunes more profound.

Secure Fit

Secure Fit

The ergonomic design of TAGG ZeroG True Wireless Earbuds fits perfectly in ear without causing any discomfort and its extremely light-weight feature ultimately provide you the freedom to move seamlessly with a secure fit & premium sound quality. 

True Wireless Earphones Features
True Wireless Earphones Features
Best True Wireless Earbuds Battery Capacity
Totally Wireless Earphones Waterproof
Bluetooth Version and Connectivity
Mono and Stereo Usage - Truly Wireless Earbuds


-Take the earbuds out of the case.
-Blinking Red and Blue light indicates that the earbuds are ready for pairing.
-Turn on Bluetooth in your device.
-Select TAGG ZeroG to pair.
-TAGG ZeroG will now be connected.

1.) By default, right earbud (ZeroG - R) will act as a master earbud which will be connected to your phone. Left earbud(ZeroG -L) is auto connected to the right earbud.
2.) For connecting the earbuds for the second time, make sure that the phone Bluetooth is ON. Take out the earbuds from the case and these will automatically be connected to your device.

-Take out either of the earbuds from the case.
-Blinking Red and Blue light indicates that the earbuds are ready for pairing.
-Turn on Bluetooth in your device -Select TAGG ZeroG to pair.
-TAGG ZeroG (L or R) will now be connected.

Even when the case is open, both earbuds are in auto-pairing mode. Kindly ensure that you close the dock after taking out the preferred earbud.

In case both the earbuds get disconnected from each other and do not auto pair:
-Long Press the earbuds to turn them off.
-Then Long Press the earbuds again for 10 seconds to enter pairing mode flashing red and blue light.
-Release the finger, the earbuds will then turn on while flashing blue light.
-Once completed, the earbuds will then again enter pairing mode and pair with each other.

TAGG ZeroG supports both mono and stereo mode while playing music so that you get to choose between using a single earpiece or both. In general, audio is available in both the earpieces.

The audio is available in both the earpieces.

The call quality is good, courtesy the beam-forming mic leading to ambient noise reduction .

Only if your device supports caller name announcement feature.

Yes, you can change tracks by tapping the earpieces. Double tap the left earbud to go previous track or Double tap the right earbud to go to the next track.

TAGG ZeroG does not have internal memory.

The battery up of earpieces is up to 5 hours and backed with a smart dockl of 500mAh that provides the play time of up to 35 hours.

The earpieces and the dock take about 1-2 hours to fully charge.

Drop a mail to and our team will assist you with the concern.

The TAGG ZeroG smart case works as a charging port and holding case for earpieces.

No, there is ambient noise reduction.

It has IPX5 rating which makes it water and splash resistant.

The product comes with 3 different sets of earpieces to ensure the perfect fit.

Currently, TAGG ZeroG is available in both black and white color.

Drop a mail to and our team will assist you with the concern.

Yes, they are universally compatible.

Yes, TAGG ZeroG is compatible with Windows hence it can be connected to laptops, given the bluetooth drivers in the laptop are up-to-date.

Yes, it can be connected to laptop/computer given the bluetooth drivers in the laptop are up-to-date.

The sensitivity is 97db ± 3db and frequency range is 20-20KHz.

The Bluetooth range is 30 feet with unobstructed connectivity.

No, we do not provide a single earpiece.

Check if the non-working earpiece is charged and connected to your device. In case it still doesn’t work then drop a mail to and our team will assist you with the concern.

Yes, there is 1-year replacement warranty covering all manufacturing defects from the date of purchase of the product.

Yes, you can charge TAGG ZeroG with your PC/laptop.

No, it does not support fast charging.

Yes, you can use Siri & Google Assistant.

Please follow the link to register for warranty –

Buy TAGG ZeroG Truly Wireless Earbuds Online.
Earphones have become an integral part of our everyday life. If one wants to escape from the outside world or eliminate the noise around you then you just let yourself lose in music by using an earphone. To ensure, you get an absolute listening experience & complete freedom, we have come with TAGG ZeroG True Wireless Earphones.  

Why should you choose TAGG ZeroG Truly Wireless Earbuds?
With 6.1mm dual drivers, these earphones are here to provide you with a powerful thumbing experience of music. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 & 2x40mAh of the powerful battery allows you to enjoy your jam for uninterrupted 16 hours & combined for 35 hours with smart power dock.

Shop online for TAGG ZeroG Truly Wireless Earphones
So place your order for TAGG ZeroG True Wireless Earphones & enjoy listening to music with its Absolute Freedom.


- The prices of the product are subject to change without any prior notice.
- The quality of sound and bass is subjective and it may vary from person to person. 
- The earbuds feature 5 hours of playtime at 70% volume after a full charge. 
- The actual appearance of the earbuds may slightly differ from the illustrated picture. 
- Certified IPX5 rating makes them water & splash resistant. 
- There might be the slightest gap between video & audio when watching a movie or playing video games. 

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