Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Headset

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Rs. 899 Rs. 2499

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Probuds Stereo Headset


IPX5 Water Resistant

This stereo neckband headset comes with an IPX5 rating. Stay ready for the challenges ahead and workout without damaging your neckband with water or sweat.

Probuds Stereo Headset

Keep Up the Celebration

The Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Headset comes with a 100 mAh battery and music playtime of up to 8 hours. Enjoy your favourite playlist for longer hours without facing any interruption.

Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Headset
Probuds Stereo Headset

Multi-Function Controls

TAGG Probuds are the best wireless Bluetooth Neckband Headset that comes with multi-function controls. Change tracks, play/pause music, or adjust the volume with just the touch of a button.

Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Headset

Play Ahead, Effortlessly!

Have a completely seamless music experience with Bluetooth v5.0. The connectivity of these Wireless Stereo Headset is absolutely stable which lets you enjoy the true power of music.

Probuds Stereo Headset

Product Specifications

  • WEIGHT 100 Grams
  • DIMENSION 10 x 1.2 x 14 cm


Switch on your device, turn on the Bluetooth and make sure that it is actively searching for the Bluetooth Device. To pair these Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Headset, press and hold the home button until you see the Blue and Red LED starts flashing to power on the neckband. Select ‘TAGG Probuds’ in the list of discovered devices. Once your TAGG Probuds Wireless Stereo Headset has connected to your device, you are ready to listen to your tunes. In case, if the pairing is not successful Switch off the neckband by pressing the home button for 3 seconds. Once your earbuds have powered off repeat the above-mentioned steps.
TAGG Probuds has an IPX5 rating which makes your earphones water and sweat resistant. The wireless neckband headset delivers optimum sound quality. Just plugin and be momentarily transported to a world of thumping bass and crisp beats. It comes with a 100 mAh battery and music playtime of up to 8 hours. Enjoy your favourite playlist for longer hours without facing any interruption with these waterproof neckband earphones.
This wireless Bluetooth Neckband Headset come with 100mAh battery that provides up to 8 hours of playtime. However, it takes 1-2 hours to completely charge the stereo headset.
The call quality is good, courtesy the powerful built-in mic.
Yes, TAGG Probuds is compatible with Android devices.
Please drop an email to and our team will assist you with your concern.
Yes, there is a 1-year replacement warranty covering all manufacturing defects from the date of purchase of the product.
The shipping is free for all prepaid orders. A convenience fee of Rs. 50 is charged on COD orders.
Standard tracked shipping takes 3-5 working days to deliver your order.
Yes, once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking link that allows you to keep a track of your order.
We only accept pre-paid and COD mode of payment.


ProBuds Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Headset is the new product launched by TAGG. It is the perfect music gear for all fitness enthusiasts and people who have an active lifestyle. This is the best neckband headset with long battery life and has the best in class features that give you the perfect musical experience. Play ahead effortlessly with superior sound quality.

Working out? Stuck in a rainstorm? Not a problem. These IPX5 rated Wireless Stereo Headset is sweat and rain resistant and allow you to combat all the elements. With an 8-hour battery life for longer listening and a lightweight design for maximum comfort, these are the best neckband earphones under Rs.1000 online in India.

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