Liberty-Air Truly Wireless Earbuds

Liberty-Air Truly Wireless Earbuds

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Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 3000 in India 3


The Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 3000 in India

With each earbud boasting a battery life of 50 mAh along with a 600 mAh Charging Dock, running out of power would be the least of your concerns. Just PLAY and keep the woes at bay!  The earbuds have been designed in a manner that they do not feel wearisome even after heavy usage. So, just turn up the volume and tune into your favourite playlist, effortlessly. Submerge yourself in the world of music as these earbuds come with Bluetooth connectivity V5.0 which is stable and lag-free. Just click the Play button and experience the superior sound quality of Liberty Air True Wireless Earbuds. 


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The prices of the product are subject to change without any prior notice.
The quality of sound and bass is subjective and may vary from person to person.
The earbuds feature 5 hours of playtime at 70% volume after a full charge.
The actual appearance of the earbuds may slightly differ from the illustrated picture.
Certified IPX4 rating makes them water and sweat resistant.
There might be the slightest gap between the video and audio when watching a movie or playing video games.