Powerline Micro USB 6.6ft Braided Cable

Micro USB 6.6ft Braided Cable

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High Speed Charge and Sync

High Speed Micro USB Cable

High Speed Charge and Sync

Length 6.6 feet

6.6 feet long Nylon Braided Cable allows freedom of movement and activities while the device being plugged into charge, while being extremely resilient and study to ensure long term usage. 

Micro fast charging cable

Tangle Free Cable

This usb cable is covered with smooth nylon braided design, which makes the cable more comfortable, durable and tangle-free .

Tangle Free Cable Micro fast charging cable
Charging cables micro USB

Tough Braided Reliable Cable

Extra Strength Nylon Braiding Last 5 times longer than regular cables

Charging cables micro USB

Universal Compatibility

Highly compatible with Android Devices, Tablets, PS4, Xbox , GPS devices, battery packs, Bluetooth speakers, cameras, camcorders, games consoles, e-readers etc. and any other device that charges through a Micro USB cable.         

Portable charging cable


TAGG Micro USB Cable allows you to charge your devices fast as compared to standard cables and you can connect your devices seamlessly to your PC, Laptop for data transfer. High standard & lower resistance built cable supports current up to 2.4A and data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps. Further, Braided Jacket, Aviation Aluminum & Gold Plated connector offer increased durability & sturdiness. Features like 2 meter length (6.6 ft.), tangle free braided cable, and elegant design makes it more convenient to use.