Why do we wear a watch or a smartwatch on our left hand?


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February 5, 2021

It is not an uncommon phenomenon to see a person wear their watch or smartwatch on their left wrist. But have you ever wondered why this happens? Is it because everyone does it or due to a person’s own psychology? In this blog, we have tried to reason out this very phenomenon.

If we consider the historic phenomenon, pocket watches were used as opposed to wrist watches or smartwatches. They were bigger in size and were generally carried by people at the time of wars and majorly by army personnel. They use it to keep at their less dominant side to avoid damage and breakage.

As technology evolved, these people became accustomed to wrist watches and smartwatches. It has almost become our natural instinct to wear a watch on our left wrist. A number of reasons come to our minds when we begin to question this phenomenon. We have discussed this topic in detail and tried to come to an informed conclusion. 

As human beings, we tend to wear our watch or smartwatch on the hand which is less dominant. In the world we live in, most people are right handed. You would not want to wear your watch or smartwatch on the hand that you use more as you might get interrupted with your day to day activities. 

People also sometimes associate wearing the watch on the left wrist with men and wearing the watch on the right wrist with women. However, for us, this is an illogical argument. For us, it has got to do more with a person’s personal preferences than with their gender.

Apart from human psychology, there are real benefits of wearing your watch or smartwatch on your left wrist. We have listed some of these below- 

Avoid Damaging your Watch or Smartwatch!

In the majority of cases, the right hand is the dominant one out of the two. You perform a multitude of tasks such as driving, opening a door handle, picking up your phone, etc with your right hand. You would not want to get irritated while performing these tasks and it would be difficult to turn your wrist in these cases.

Also, if one wears his/her watch on their dominant hand while performing tasks, it increases the chances of damaging their watch. You would not want to damage or break the dial or even detach the strap. Therefore, you preferably like to wear your watch on your left hand. 

Set and Check the time!

One adjusts the time when the watch stops functioning properly. It would be impossible to do it if the watch is on your dominant hand. It is also easier to check the time when your watch is on your non dominant hand. With the watch being on your left wrist, you can carry out your routine activities without getting disturbed.

Why should smartwatches be worn on your left wrist?

Smartwatches have become a must have product these days. A number of companies are offering it in a stylish design and an affordable price. The best budget smartwatch comes with a plethora of features. These may include certain health and fitness features and a range of other important features.

Health and Fitness Features

Health and fitness features include heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie counter, blood pressure monitor, sleep monitor, etc. You would want to wear your smartwatch on the less dominant hand to avoid unnecessary shockages and movements and in turn it will give you a more reading of the various aspects of your health.

GPS and Other Tracking Features

Smartwatches also come with various tracking and GPS features. An accurate measurement or reading can only be done when the smartwatch stays in place and is less prone to shockages and heavy movements. It is advisable that you wear the smartwatch on your less dominant hand. Therefore, people prefer wearing their smartwatch on the left wrist. 

A watch or smartwatch is the most necessary accessory and you would want to wear it with the ultimate panache. You should purchase it only after going through the important feature and purchase one that suits your needs and style. It shouldn’t be a hassle deciding which wrist should you wear it- left or right. 

It is also perfectly alright if one does not want to function according to the norms and wear the watch on their right wrist. You should do what suits your comfort and needs and wear your watch/smartwatch however you like. These are only tips and a blog based on survey and popular opinion. 

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