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January 28, 2021

Virtual Learning is no longer a fad but a necessity is today’s time. It has been discussed time and again whether it could bring good to a child’s life and how. The most popular advantage and belief is that it enables a child’s development from the comfort of their homes. Wireless Technology has made this form of learning possible and more convenient.

Another advantage of virtual learning is that courses can be taught to a large number of students without facing much difficulty. Each lecture can be heard by the students with the perfect clarity and they can also replay a recorded lecture if they later on have any queries or doubts.

As everything is becoming online, there is a heavy reliance on technology. Classes are being conducted online and there is an increased usage of smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. It is a common belief that more and more methods are being incorporated to enhance the learning experience. It is increasing our dependence on the internet and on Wireless Technology.

Virtual learning is a good way to learn as it does away with the geographical constraints. A student can learn from any place, if he/she has access to the internet. It is also quite surprising how ideas and thoughts can be shared with each other so quickly over the internet. It helps in sending across a uniform and standard message and avoids any form of miscommunication.

Every parent would want their child to get the best benefits of their learning by providing them with the adequate technology. Along with having a laptop, we believe that having an audio gear like earphones, headphones or true wireless earbuds becomes equally important. It becomes important that one chooses the best audio gear for this purpose.

You should consider the following factors while choosing an audio gear to facilitate your virtual learning:

Uninterrupted hours of learning- Battery backup remains the foremost important factor while considering any audio gear. Your child’s device or music gear should not run out of charge during a course or lecture. It is important that they are able to study for longer hours without facing any difficulty.

Perfect Sound Clarity- The teacher's voice or the online lesson should be heard with the utmost clarity. Only then will the child be able to make good use of the lecture and make the most of this virtual learning experience.

Connectivity- The audio gear should have a seamless connectivity to the device it is connected to. The sound should not get distorted and the child should be able to fully understand his/her lecture. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, it is also imperative to have good Internet connectivity. There is an increased need to stay online and stay connected to your lectures online.

Fit - The earphones/ headphones/earbuds should be able to provide the child the perfect fit and comfort. The child should not feel exhausted even after hours of using them. They should stay in place and provide the child with the best educational experience.

As children could easily lose their pair of true wireless earbuds, we would suggest that they use a pair of headphones or even a stereo neckband for this purpose.

 TAGG has recently launched Bassbuds, a bluetooth neckband headset. It is quite literally a musical powerhouse. With a battery life of 350 mAh, it delivers a music playtime of upto 24 hours. It also comes in various colours which makes the neckband look quite stylish.
 It provides you with the perfect fit as you do not feel wearisome even after hours of using it. As the neckband sits comfortably around your neck, your child will not misplace it. This is not however the case with true wireless earbuds.

Even a pair of headphones might feel heavy after certain hours and therefore is not advisable for children who are looking forward to a good virtual learning experience.

Students are still adapting to this new form of learning. With every new change comes both its advantages and disadvantages. The only disadvantage that we feel is that students are deprived of the benefits of a group discussion that generally happens face to face in a school. There is also a need to equip and train teachers with the required online material and also the ways in which this online material can be utilised in the best possible way.

There are both supporters and critics of this new form of learning. But the only thing that we can deduce from our research is that it is here to stay. However developments need to be made in order to make this form of learning more cost effective and internet.

The Advantages of Wireless Technology can only be derived when every student can have the same access to the internet and the available resources. Methods are being devised and hopefully this will become the best mode of learning in the coming future.

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