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January 28, 2021

With the evolution of technology, gadgets are becoming increasingly compact and wireless. Users are more keen on buying gadgets that they can carry everywhere they go. Gone are the days when one used to have a telephone machine or a transistor. Now you can carry your cellphone in your pocket and stay connected wherever you go.

In earlier days, people used to solely rely on their landline setups for calling purposes. That was replaced by mobile phones or even cordless landline devices. Mobile phones were considered to be a milestone in revolution as they made it possible to stay in touch or connected to your loved ones wherever you went.

This wireless technology also took over gadgets such as speakers, earphones and headphones. With the technology moving ahead, it led to the creation of true wireless earbuds. They are the smallest form of music gadget available in the market.

Tagg has launched their latest true wireless earbuds called Liberty Dots. it definitely gives a tough competition to all the available brands in the market. If you are looking for budget TWS in superior audio quality, Liberty Dots is just the product for you. We have listed some of its features that surely make them stand out. Have a read-

Battery Backup- Each earbud has a battery life of 50 mAh which gives a music playtime of upto 5 hours. Now you do not have to face interruption while listening to your favorite tracks.

Size- With a size so compact, you definitely have the best user experience. You can carry it everywhere you go and stay enchanted and motivated with music.

Waterproof- The earbuds come with an IPX4 rating which makes them water and sweat resistant. Enjoy your music carefree without worrying about damaging your earbuds with water.

Compatibility- Liberty Dots seamlessly connects with both Android and Apple devices and lets you have a phenomenal music experience.

A lot of companies in the market are trying to champion the domain of wireless technology with their products. With the increasing demand of true wireless earbuds, companies have successfully launched them in various designs and features. We have listed a few reasons why you must consider buying true wireless earbuds than other available music gear -

Wireless Technology- You would not want to face the hassles of getting tangled in wires while enjoying your favorite music. You would always want it to be a seamless and powerful musical experience. With wireless earbuds, one can have an immersive music listening experience and be momentarily transported to another domain and be absolutely carefree!

Convenience- These earbuds are so compact and lightweight that they can be carried anywhere with ease. Carry them along with the case in your pocket and enjoy the true power of music wherever you go.

Carry it Everywhere- The earbuds do not only come in handy during your work, but they also are great when you want to enjoy your favorite tunes while traveling or commuting to work. Everyone is well aware that music can play a great motivator during your workout session. One can exercise in a better way and increase the efficiency and the duration of their workouts in music.

Charging convenience- The earbuds come with a charging case which means that they can be charged on the go without taking up much space. Finding a charging socket can become a hassle and therefore the earbuds along with a charging case give you the best user experience.  

With a design so lightweight and comfortable, it definitely makes for a good buy. Tagg may be a relatively new company but the products are at par with some established brands. Liberty Dots keeps up with the brand’s promise of keeping you ahead.  

The reason why one would prefer True Wireless Earbuds over any other audio gadget is because of their size. Bluetooth headphones on the other hand would feel bulkier and would also take up more space.
For anyone who likes to have a wireless and effortless music experience, true wireless earbuds would be the ideal choice for you. With a range of true wireless earbuds available in the market, you should definitely opt for Tagg as they offer premium quality products at an affordable price.

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