Perks of owning TWS while streaming a video on your Phone


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February 5, 2021

We have become addicted to watching web series and movies on our phone. We even like to watch live sports matches and the videos of our favorite songs round the clock.

It isn't always possible to carry our laptops or tv screens with us all the time. Therefore we have resorted to watching web series and movies on our mobile phones. Mobile phones offer the ease of portability as they are compact and also offer stable internet connection.

There are multiple available alternatives when it comes to choosing the best True Wireless Earbuds. Some prefer headphones, others prefer earphones, neckband, etc. For us however, the best available choice is a pair of TWS online.

True Wireless Earbuds have become a favorite among everyone in a short period of time. People use it during various life situations such as work commute, travel, workout sessions, work calls, listening to music while relaxing, etc.

Streaming videos and watching our favorite web series can take a significant part of our day. You should make sure that you use an audio gadget that does not hamper the sound experience and also fits perfectly into your ears. We have a listed a few reasons below which make true wireless earbuds an ideal choice for streaming videos on your mobile phone-


Battery Life- You wouldn’t want your audio gadget/ earphones/headphones/true wireless earbuds to run out of charge while you are watching a show or a movie. Tagg Liberty Dots comes with a strong battery life that gives you a superior quality user experience.

Sound Quality- The earbuds give a very lifelike sound during all your movies and web series. You can momentarily feel that you are a part of that very movie. This should be the topmost feature that you should look for while choosing a pair of earbuds.

Compact- True Wireless Earbuds are compact and can easily fit into your pocket and you can carry them around comfortably while travelling or commuting for work. You can watch videos and listen to music on the go without facing any kind of interruption.

Watch while performing various activities- One likes to continuously acquire knowledge and also stay relaxed while working or performing chores or traveling. True Wireless Earbuds come to our aid while doing so. With a spectacular sound and dream like fit, they are too good to be true!

No hassle of wires - Managing wires while one has a pair of earphones or headphones is a major hassle. True Wireless Earbuds do away with this hassle as they sit comfortably in your ears while giving you an immersive music experience.

Platforms for streaming videos

Watch movies or web series

We Series is the trending fad and is here to stay! Everyone is equally hooked and they swear by completing a single web series in a single day. For that purpose there are various OTT platforms that offer series sometimes free and sometimes on a subscription basis.

Watch musical videos

The world is driven by music and you want to see your favorite music videos. Whether it is party songs, soothing music or blues, there is a different type of music suited for every mood.

Watch movies or web series

For all the cricket buffs and other sports enthusiasts, a number of online channels are streamed online to keep you updated with your favorite sports seasons. Plug into your true wireless earbuds and experience your favorite sports as though you were sitting in the stadium itself.

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