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September 1, 2021

What Does Ohm & Impedance Mean In Earphones/headphones?

Have you ever wondered what is ohm & Impedance in an Earphones / Headphones or how do they even affect your music listening experience?

So, Impedance is one of the basic specifications included in every quality pair of headphones & in every audio source. Headphones & Earphones have a certain resistance to the electric current transmitted by the amplifier & this process of transmission and resistance is known as impedance.

The impedance is measured in ohms which often range between 8 & 600 ohms, depending on the model of the headphone/earphone. However, the impedance ranging between 20-40ohms is said to be a decent choice for casual music listeners and 64 or above for an audiophilia.

Ohm, on the other hand, is the unit of measure for impedance, which is the property of an earphones/headphones that restrict the flow of electrical current through it. As it states the relationship between voltage, current and resistance. But the question here is, why are we so curiously focusing on this hidden conception/feature of headphones? Does it even matter for music lovers to know about it or it’s just like one of those artistic paintings that makes your dining room more beautiful but never pays attention to that piece of art?

We can say that because this particular conception of impedance has been immensely ignored by almost everyone. But the thing is, it plays a very crucial role in the whole listening dynamics.  Having certain kind of knowledge about it is important, otherwise, you’ll never know that you might not get the best sound quality from headphones with impedance which is too high or too low for your music player.

Firstly, the impedance of a headphone is determined by the design of its voice coils - the length & size of wire used, the number of turns around the former & so on. Also, the sound produced by the headphones is consequently affected by the impedance & so too will the strength of the magnet & several other aspects of the design.

Higher Impedance Headphones

Higher Impedance is generally referred to as 25V, 70V and 100V. The headphones with high-impedance are designed for studio-like applications. This impedance usually needs more voltage to get up to a solid listening level like the headphones with higher-impedance (25 ohms & over) demand more power to deliver high audio levels.

The higher-impedance has more winding in a coil which can result in a better motor system with fewer compromises resulting in the better overall sound & enhanced bass reproduction.

But the drawback of higher-impedance headphones is that - the headphones with higher impedance requires higher power & thus not works well with your iPod or Mp3 player. Henceforth, these are designed for pro studio applications which allows them to consume the required power to outsource the hi-fi audio.

Lower Impedance Headphones

The lower-impedance headphones typically have fewer windings with a thicker wire as compared to higher-impedance. Most headphones with lower impedance (less than 25 ohms) require less power to deliver high audio levels. So basically, these headphones with low-impedance are designed for mobile, portable music players, computer and other portable devices.

Compared to higher-impedance headphones, the headphones with lower-impedance allow you to get a higher volume with a less battery-drainage of your smart portable device. The only drawback with this kind of headphones impedance, it can not be used with a powerful amplifier because of their low threshold limit, otherwise, one has to face the blowout.

We at TAGG have always focused on meeting the needs of the modern lifestyle with our stylish yet technologically enhanced gadgets which not only meet up your expectations but also provide you with the best music listening experience. Keeping that in mind, we have come with various products which are equipped with lower impedance to provide you with perfect & high audio experience to always Keep You Ahead, always!

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