How to choose the best Calorie Counter Smartwatch?


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January 28, 2021


How accurately can a smartwatch provide a person’s daily calorie count and which is the Best Calorie Counter Watch in India? This remains a commonly asked question for all the users of a smartwatch.

The calorie count is estimated based on your body mass and the energy used by your body during workouts. It cannot be an entirely accurate estimation but it gives you an approximate value that helps you in analysing your workout in a better way.

Gone are the days when people used to wear something like a chest strap in order to monitor their heartbeat. Unlike those, the fitness trackers are compact and can be easily worn on your wrist to monitor various aspects such as calorie count, heart rate, steps are taken, sleep monitoring, etc.

There are various Smartwatches in India for Calorie calculations and Verve is the #1 best selling calorie counter smartwatch in India by TAGG. TAGG Verve smartwatch looks great with every outfit alike. You can wear it with the ultimate panache and flaunt them wherever you go.  

Therefore, it is essential that you buy the right smartwatch for Calorie Count. The smartwatch should have a dial big enough so that you are able to read the notifications with the perfect clarity.

The sensors present in the smartwatch should function in a manner that the results are accurate and reliable. Here are some smartwatches that you will want to check out.

A Smartwatch can help you in giving a friendly reminder to get on your toes and get going. One needs to get out of bed,h achieve their goals and enter the world of endless possibilities. The number of people that are using fitness trackers and smartwatches every day is in billions.

Fitness and technology have become intertwined and should be used for staying both active and fit.

The Smartwatch calorie counter technology gives you a better picture of your weight loss and hence is important.

According to us, a better estimate can only be made when this analysis is recorded over a period of time. Supposing if you track your monthly analysis, you can increase or decrease your workouts accordingly. 


How do smartwatches in India estimate calories?

Smartwatches have sensors present in them which help in analysing the movements and acceleration of the body. The calorie count is in accordance with your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate.

The measurement is considered to be near accurate and can help you in staying fit.
The calorie counter in most of the smartwatches resets at midnight so that you can monitor your health on an everyday basis.

It works on the principle that the more you are exerting yourself, the more calories you will end up burning. A calorie counter is only an estimate. If you want to see some real changes in your weight and body mass, certain ways of life need to be altered.

Your diet needs to be strictly monitored. It is essential that you eat the right kind of food if you wish to increase or decrease your weight. Also, it is important to follow the right workout schedule. Exercises are specific to your body type and can help you immensely in staying fit.

As smartwatches come with a water resistance feature, you can effectively use them during your workouts. The smartwatch will not get damaged due to splashes of water.

They are suitable for various sports and even your running sessions. It increases the efficiency of the smartwatch to track your workout and in turn, helps you stay fit in a better way.

Setting Goals with a Smartwatch in India

Fitness tracks and smartwatches play an important role in achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals. You can set a target weight or a targeted workout if you want to see substantial results. The estimates provided can serve as a good source of motivation to enhance your workout sessions.




Counting calories while working out and that too on your wrist seems like a wonder in itself. It combines aspects of both fitness and technology.

For anyone who likes to engage in various sports and has a well-toned physique, a smartwatch with a calorie counter really comes in handy. We would say that it is a must-buy for all the fitness enthusiasts out there.

While counting calories and monitoring them on a regular basis can help you in keeping a record of your weight loss, methods need to be adopted to improve your general health. The metabolism of people may differ due to various factors, therefore, regular analysis of your health and diet plan is essential.




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