How to Choose The Best Budget Smartwatch in India?


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February 5, 2021

Smartwatches are gradually moving towards becoming a necessity. People are constantly on the lookout for buying a smartwatch that has all the features and also comes at an affordable price. It can be a tough decision to choose the best budget smartwatch in India.

A lot like it is the case with other products, people nowadays want to buy a smartwatch on the basis of its look and design. Customers want to purchase a budget smartwatch that looks super stylish on their wrist so that they can flaunt it wherever they go.

With the evolving preferences of their customers, companies are coming up with new designs and features almost every single day. Smartwatches these days come in various shapes and designs.

Multiple Straps to Choose From!

They also come in interchangeable straps so that they can be worn in a different manner and according to a different outfit. The straps can be both made of metal and plastic to suit a customer’s needs. Also, they come in various colours which make them more attractive.

An important feature that comes to our mind when we consider buying a budget smartwatch is that it should not feel irritable after hours of usage. If the strap of the smartwatch is uncomfortable then it can also cause redness or feel itchy. It hampers the whole experience of using a smartwatch. Therefore, the strap of the smartwatch should be chosen according to the skin type of the customer.

Factors to consider when buying a Smartwatch

Battery Life- The smartwatch should stay in charge for a longer duration so that you are able to have the perfect user experience. Some smartwatches even offer a battery life of upto -10 days.

Display- The dial should be big enough so that you are able to read all the notifications with the perfect clarity. Smartwatches these days come with an ultra narrow bezel which makes them look super stylish.

Connectivity- Your smartwatch should be well connected to your device to enable a smooth functioning. There should be no disruption and therefore the connectivity should be stable and lag free.

Health and Fitness Features- Nowadays smartwatches come with a plethora of health and fitness features. These may include a pedometer, calorie counter, heart rate monitor, sedentary reminder, etc. these help us in maintaining a fit and active lifestyle.

Stay Active with Sedentary Reminder

Keeping in mind the current lifestyle of today’s generation, smartwatches also offer a feature known as the sedentary reminder. Whenever the smartwatch sensors give an indication that the person is active, it may send a buzz or a vibration. It helps you in staying fit and active and helps you in breaking out of your monotonous routine.

Multiple WatchFaces that Keep You Ahead!

Smartwatches also offer multiple watchfaces. They never let you get bored of your smartwatch. You can customise them according to your moods and preferences and fault it wherever you go.

Remote Controls

Some of you may also want your smartwatch to have remote controls for features such as camera, music controls, etc. with this feature, you would not need to take out your smartphone every time you want to click a picture or change tracks.

Notifications On the Go!

We also like to stay connected with our friends and family wherever we go. We like to pick up calls, repomd to text messages and even check our social media notifications frequently. Reaching out for your device every time you want to check notifications might seem wearisome. You can check it on your smartwatch itself and everytime it would vibrate when you get a notification. This definitely is our favorite feature!

TAGG, a leading consumer electronics brand has recently entered the domain of smartwatches. One of our smartwatches Verve has a square dial and the other smartwatch Kronos, has a round dial. Find out more about them below-

TAGG Verve- It is the first smartwatch launched by TAGG. It comes in a super stylish design and a rectangular dial. With its ultra narrow bezels, it gives a premium look. It has a range of amazing features which makes it worth every penny.

TAGG Kronos- The round dial gives a very stunning look to the smartwatch. You can wear the smartwatch with the ultimate panache and enhance every look and outfit with it. Owing to the multiple sports modes, it is perfect for all the sports enthusiasts. Monitor the various aspects of your health with the perfect accuracy and stay active and fit.

The price remains a deciding factor for many people while buying any product. TAGG being a leading consumer electronics brand that ensure that you get the most premium products at an affordable price. You do not have to think twice before buying their products as they give a completely hassle free user experience.

With the above pointers, we hope that you make an informed decision while purchasing a smartwatch. A person would like to invest in a gadget which offers the best features and also does not feel heavy on his/her pocket. Only purchase a gadget after doing thorough market research and avail the best price and the best in class features.

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