Why Portable BT Speakers are a Travel Essential?


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June 6, 2020

‘A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places.’

It is a common belief that to live a happy life, one should travel more, meet new people and laugh more often. All of the experiences come together when we are traversing new lands alone or with our loved ones. We enjoy the scenic beauty, relish ethnic cuisines and also familiarise ourselves with a totally different yet magnificent culture of another place.

What better way to make the most out of your travel experience than by accompanying it with your favourite tracks. Music is a great way to keep you in a good mood. Also, the music of a particular region can tell you vastly about its culture and diversity.

Every memory has a soundtrack of its own. Each place and memory reminds us of a particular song. It feels as if we are revisiting that place all over again. It’s best to keep a memory alive with your favourite songs. A song like Despacito by Justin Beiber might make you want to sit by the beach and sip on your favourite cocktails. While a song like Bailando might want you to enjoy a salsa night and a club and dance to your favourite tunes.

What better music equipment to carry with you during your travel than a Bluetooth Speaker. With a good portable speaker, one can listen to his/her favourite tracks in spectacular sound quality and keep oneself entertained. Although, one might want to take a lot of things into consideration before buying a good speaker. The speaker should foremost have a good battery backup. While travelling, it might not be possible to find a plug point easily and therefore, it is not feasible to run out of charge at that time. The user should also look for IPX resistance if he/she wants to carry the speaker to a beach holiday. Other important features include bass, sound quality,  connectivity and portability.

Long journeys aren’t frightful anymore

We think music plays an even greater role while one has to travel through long flights, train or bus journeys. It becomes impossible to just sit in one place for some people. Music comes to our rescue during these situations. One cannot even fathom how quickly time passes away while one is listening to music. Some of the popular travel journey songs include ‘Hotel California’, ‘Journey Song’, ‘Ilahi’, etc. for this purpose, however, we would recommend you to use a good pair of Bluetooth Earphones. The earphones should provide phenomenal audio quality so that one can relish the true power of music. It would be better to use earphones instead of speakers in such a situation as it might disturb fellow passengers.

Music enhances your travelling experience

‘Music and travel go together like beach sunsets and Pina Coladas.’
How can you best enjoy and cherish a scenic view with your loved ones than with music? While enjoying a lovely view of the mountains, one can make it even more soothing with good music. Imagine being with a group of your college friends and cherishing the view accompanied by your favourite old school tracks. Therefore it becomes imperative to have the right portable speaker. Fire up your favourite tunes for a longer time in high audio quality and make the best of your travelling experience.

For the Adventure Junkies

Some people equate their travelling to engaging in adventure sports. They might like to for a trek, rafting or other sports. Travelling might become challenging in these kinds of situations. They might traverse on difficult terrain or landscape. The weather might also seem gloomy sometimes. They might need the perfect music to keep them going and keep the anxiety away. Music might help them momentarily in keeping their mind away from the challenging situation in hand. Therefore it becomes imperative that one has the right kind of songs to keep them motivated. The songs should be filled with enthusiasm and vigour.


Music and travel are considered to be inseparable. Music is believed to be a significant mood booster during your journey. There are times when you do not wish to engage with your fellow travellers and solely want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscapes, all by yourself. In this scenario, music is the perfect companion. Also, if one wants to enjoy with their travelling company, Bluetooth speakers are the perfect way to stay connected. Curate a playlist of everyone’s liking and it will surely make your holiday a memorable one. Always choose the right music equipment for this purpose and have the most phenomenal time with your love ones!

Prasath Raghavendran

Thu, 04:41 PM | Oct 15, 2020

when you unable to reach the customer support then what is the use of purchasing a product ? I learned a lesson today. I have to call customer support before purchase and confirm it is available and getting response .

Sandeep kumar

Tue, 07:23 PM | Aug 18, 2020

I need bluetooth speaker sonic angel 1. That product is out of stock i need when is available

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