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June 25, 2020

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.’

Yoga is known to have numerous health benefit. Over time, it has become the preferred mode of exercise for people across the globe. One can fully relax with the breathing exercises. Meditation is an important part of yoga as it helps in improving concentration and balance in an individual and relives one of the negative thoughts. It helps the person in achieving the desired state of mind with the help of particular exercises.

Both music and yoga are said to have healing qualities. They both have the power to soothe your mind like no other. And together, they can give immense relaxation to your mind and body. Yoga is believed to be practised in silence but with music, its healing effects can be magnified. Music has also proved to improve muscular endurance during performing any exercise. Music also takes away negative feelings and feelings of discomfort during the workout, thereby increasing the focused attention of an individual.
A type of yoga known as Shakti Yoga, which is believed to be centuries old, incorporates various elements of Tantra Yoga in order to stimulate the chakras and to prepare one’s senses for higher consciousness. It also uses various chants for the purpose of achieving the desired state of consciousness.

In order to have an enchanting and completely relaxing experience with Yoga and music, we suggest that the users pick the right audio gear with spectacular sound. A pair of Portable Bluetooth Speaker would be best suited for this purpose.
When both yoga and music come together, they increase the number of benefits. Your body, mind and soul, all gain the desired benefits. Music helps in yoga because of the following reasons:

  • Keeps You in a Positive Mood -Music is known to automatically put us in a good mood. But it depends upon the kind of music that we are listening to. If we listen to chirpy and enthusiastic music, it will put us in a similar mood. For Yoga, however, calming and soothing music is recommended. Something like the sound of the waves would immensely help us in calming our inhibitions.

  • Enhances Memory -Music has been scientifically proven to boost your memory. The melody and rhythm help in establishing patterns in the brain which in turn improves our focus attention and memory.
  • Increased Movement - When the movements of your asana are in sync with your music, it leads to increased motivation and also increased result. Some asanas that otherwise may feel difficult, would merely feel like a dance.
  • Helps in Improving Meditation - Music helps us in focusing our attention. It, therefore, helps us in meditating for a longer time and increases our attention span. The exercise also, in turn, becomes more fruitful and beneficial to its user.

It is important to know that not all kinds of music can be suited for this purpose. Loud music with fast beats can be detrimental to the practice of yoga. Therefore, one should only consider listening to soothing music while doing various asanas or meditating.
According to us, the following types of music are best suited for the purpose of yoga:

What better way to calm your nerves than with the sound of nature. Be it the rustling of the wind, the chirping of birds or the movement of the sea waves, all of them have an extremely soothing effect upon us. With yoga, we can channelise our breathing and by accompanying it with music, we can keep all our negative thoughts away and make the most of our experience.

One also has the option to listen to classical music or some traditional music which is accompanied by instruments such as the harmonium or bansuri. The rhythms and flows of this kind of music have a balming effect upon one’s mind.

Therefore, it becomes essential that one uses the right music gear while listening to music during yoga. Wireless Bluetooth speaker would work best for this purpose. One should look for a speaker which offers the superior sound quality, powerful battery backup and is also water-resistant if one wishes to perform yoga in the outdoors. A speaker would also be useful if one wishes to perform yoga with a group as opposed to in seclusion. 

Music has proven to have both physical as well as psychological benefits upon one’s workout. One feels motivated and tends to exercise more. Music has the capacity to put one in a good mood. It relieves one from boredom and also makes the person feel enthusiastic throughout the workout. However, different types of music are suited for different types of workout. For gym sessions and running, music with fast beats and tempo is preferred. On the other hand, exercises like yoga and meditation require softer music. One should always look for ways to maximise their health benefits. Therefore, there is no better way to exercise than with yoga and music together. 

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