Music: A boon for our everyday lives

Music: A boon for our everyday lives

12 March, 2020   Sports Earphones
Music can never be defined in a singular manner because just like art, every individual has his/her own definition of it. The perception is influenced by personal choices, desires and biases. For many of us, every day is like a musical experience as we all are accustomed or sometimes even addicted to our playlists.  Music has immense power as our mood and the music we are listening to, are always interrelated. The genre of the music we choose to listen to is directly related to our state of mind.
Music can also become a deciding factor in changing the perception of an individual towards his/her reality. It is a common belief that the way you perceive things may be influenced by your playlist. For example – If you start your day by listening to a cheerful playlist, it increases the possibility for you to have a happier day and the same is applicable if you have a gloomy playlist. It has been proved by some researchers in Netherlands that the music one listens to can temporarily change a person’s perception and affect what they think. Therefore, music plays a key role in influencing our thoughts and in turn, setting our mood. It is important that you have the right wireless music equipment for the same.

You are what you think about and music helps in diverting our thoughts to a great extent. Music is the only medium in the world which invests in you the ability to paint your world with your creative senses. Music can also act like a ray of hope during gloomy days. It awakens in us stronger capabilities and a unique intuitive power.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for an individual to start his/her day with a cheerful playlist. So, we have enlisted some cheerful songs for you to start your day on a happy note:

•    ‘Feeling Good’ by Michael Buble
•    ‘Wake Up’ by The Arcade Fire
•    ‘Come & Get it’ by John Newman
•    ‘Reflections’ by MisterWives
•    ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Katrina & The Wave
•    ‘Feel Right’ by Mark Ronson
•    ‘Every Morning’ by Sugar Ray
•    ‘Sunrise’ by Norah Jones
•    ‘Rise & Shine’ by The Cardigans
•    ‘Follow the Sun’ by Xavier Rudd

It can be concluded that music makes our everyday experiences more worthy and compelling. One must enjoy their golden hours and precious moments with some great music and their loved ones. Starting your day with cheerful music inevitably builds a positive perception towards the rest of the day. Only the right pair of Bluetooth wireless earphones will ensure that you get the perfect musical experience.
As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said ‘A man should hear a little music, read little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul’.
Every morning comes with new hopes and a new vision, whereas, every new experience gives you the chance to see the beauty within yourselves. So, one should always look forward creating a new vision of oneself with incredible yet soothing music, everyday.

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