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February 5, 2021


“Technological Evolution is the result of our desire to lead a better life.’

Watches were originally known to perform the function of telling time or sometimes come with a compass. With the evolution of technology, companies have completely revised this traditional definition and come up with a smartwatch.

A smartwatch is almost like a wearable computer on your wrist. They have functions close to that of a smartphone. The touch interface helps in performing various tasks such as calculations, changing tracks, picking up calls, playing games, among others.

Forget the notion that a wristwatch was only capable of telling you the time.

With the evolution of technology, a smartwatch offers so much more. Top smartwatches in 2020 come with a plethora of features.

Here are some TAGG Smartwatches that you take to check out:

The smartwatch was first launched by Apple and raised a lot of speculations around this reluctant revolution. The domain further expanded to many other electronics brands and brands that had previously offered only wristwatches. With its various monitoring features, we have seen an ever-increasing demand for smartwatches.

There were many speculations around wearing a smartwatch. Many people had questions like would it be possible to perform so many functions digitally on such a small screen. All speculations were taken care of, and the smartwatch has become one of the most successful technological inventions of humanity.

It not only tells time but also acts as a health and fitness monitor owing to its numerous functions such as blood oxygen monitor, blood pressure monitor, pedometer, sleeping monitor, etc.  A smartwatch also comes with multiple watch faces. The users can customise it according to their moods and styles. A user can wear the smartwatch everywhere with the ultimate panache.

A smartwatch is a technological wonder because of the following reasons-

It offers the latest wireless technologies. Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi are some of the wireless technologies that are offered by smartwatches these days. With new models coming up every day, we can see advancement in their design, health-related applications, and battery capacity.

It’s the perfect fitness tracker. Many people buy a smartwatch for its benefit of being a fitness tracker. There are many health benefits of smartwatches. It has the functionality of calculating the pulse rate, distance, speed, heart rate, sleep and also steps. Some models are waterproof and therefore, they are a perfect fit for swimmers.

Reply to messages and even receive calls. You can also reply to messages and even receive calls on your smartwatch. It does away with the hassle of carrying your phone everywhere.
It is a viable option when it comes to being a fitness freak and not wanting to carry your phone to the gym. It acts as a digital assistant as one has the advantage of replying to your emails while being away from your workplace. A smartwatch also helps you remain ‘connected’ as you have the advantage of receiving your social media notifications on your watch.

Long-lasting battery life. Some models come with great battery life and you can stay on it for about ten days with a single charge. You do not need to continuously worry yourself with the need to find a switchboard or a charger for your device.

Your favourite music and videos on the go. Watch a YouTube video or even play your favourite track while carrying out your day to day activities.  

Multiple Watch faces- A user might feel bored with a single watchface. Watch faces these days have become customisable and can be suited to the styles of the user. Choose from multiple and stylish watch faces and wear it with the ultimate panache.
A lot of companies have come up with their own smartwatches. Initially, it was companies that were into making smartphones that entered this domain. But these days, we see a wide range of other companies too that are offering smartwatches.

With an increasing user awareness, we can see that the users are becoming selective and cautious about the products that they are investing in. It becomes important that the users avail the best product at the best price. With the smartwatch features listed above, we hope that you make the right decision while purchasing a smartwatch.

These smartwatches exude luxury as they come in a variety of designs and colours. There are various advantages of a smartwatch. A user feels confident and stylish as he/she wears it. These smartwatches are loaded with apps and give the users a phenomenal experience. They have become almost an essential product these days and should not be missed out on.


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