6 Things to be Greatful for in 2020


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February 5, 2021

We thought that 2020 was the year the world came to a standstill but in reality, this year was just what we all needed. It made us realise that we should appreciate everything that we already have. We cherished the time spent with loved ones and also came to a better understanding of our own selves. We engaged in activities that helped in improving our skill sets and also followed the latest trends.

For us, the most important advantage of this year was that it helped us in reconnecting with our friends. We had lost contact with people due to our busy schedules and failed to stay in touch with our friends from school or college days. Whether it was through audio or video calls, we were able to reestablish our connection. We chatted away for hours and it took all our worries away.

Working from the comfort of your homes!

A major shift happened in our work spaces in 2020. Work that was earlier restricted to office spaces now became online. We were working in the comfort of our homes but it had both positive and negative impact upon our efficiency. It became imperative that we use the best Bluetooth headset and a good internet connectivity to increase our productivity with work.

True Wireless Earbuds came to our aid for this purpose. They don’t feel heavy on our ears and the compact size offers portability. We should choose ones with a good battery backup so that we are able to work without facing any hassle.

Best time to follow your favorite workout regime!

We also got back to our fitness regimes. A lot of people took up online workout sessions to stay fit and active. You can make amends to your lifestyle and diet to stay fit. But a good workout schedule needs to be followed in order to stay active. For this purpose, we recommend that you use a good pair of Bluetooth earphones .

You should use the ones that come with a good battery backup and also give the perfect fit and comfort. The earphones should not fall off during heavy workout sessions and should help you in staying motivated with music.

We could also use a smartwatch for the purpose of our indoor workout. Use Features such as the pedometer and the sedentary reminder to stay fit and active. Nowadays, smartwatches also come with a drinking water reminder and helps you stay hydrated .Smartwatches  are all in one gadget for all your workout needs.

Smartwatches also offer various other features like a calorie counter, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, etc to monitor various aspects of your health. One you monitor these on a regular basis to keep your metabolism in check.

Music- Our only solace!

Music has always been our anchor during troubling times. We temporarily like to be transported to another domain and immerse ourselves in the world of music. It helps us in staying in a good mood and also resonates with our emotions. We like to groove to beats and also keep our blues away with music. Every playlist is a very personal and enthralling experience.

For the purpose of listening to music, there are various alternatives available in the market such as earphones, headphones, true wireless earbuds, bluetooth neckband, etc. True wireless earbuds or Bluetooth earphones are the latest fad among the current generation. They are compact and also provide the best music experience. With the evolution of wireless technology, it has also become possible to replace our earphones with a stylish Bluetooth neckband headset. It sits comfortably on your neck and minimises your chances of losing it and also gives the best user experience.

Binge watching our favorite series and movies!

With people getting more time than ever to enjoy their favorite series, shows, and movies, the number of viewers of the leading OTT platforms has gone up by a considerable number. People are watching holiday movies with their friends and loved ones in this season more than ever. Therefore it becomes crucial that sound can be heard across the room with the perfect clarity.

A jolly time for the gamers!

Gaming was an essential part of 2020 for sure! All the gaming buffs had ample time to improve their skill set and also engaged in online gaming to have a wonderful time with their friends. With new games coming up in the market every now and then, all gamers remain on their toes to purchase the best headset for this purpose.

Connect with your inner self!

A lot of people have resorted to meditation to maintain their calm during this troubling time. People are practicing meditation on a regular basis and sometimes they also practice it in groups. Calming music becomes an essential part of this practice as it helps in the stimulation of one’s nerves and enhances the effects of meditation.the calming process also may include various breathing exercises that enhance the relaxation effects.

Meditation can be performed alone or even in a small group. Therefore we suggest that you use a good Bluetooth speaker for this purpose. The music and tunes should be heard with the perfect clarity across the room so that each person can entail the maximum benefits.

The best thing that 2020 did was that it gave us ample time to spend with our loved ones. We were able to connect with our near and dear ones again and we absolutely loved it! Whether it was staying in contact through audio or video calls, we felt that they were right next to us.

We had earlier become so engaged and immersed with our everyday lives that it hardly gave us  time to reconnect with people or enjoy things that we love. We understood the value of staying at home and rejuvenating in our leisure time.

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