15th August, the Date of Independence

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15th August, the Date of Independence

Independence, the word itself evokes a plethora of emotions in every Indian’s heart. The years of struggle that every citizen of this country participated in to get our freedom from the British are the evident in the history of our country. After struggling for more than 200 years, we were finally able to call India our own country and something like that does not come easy.

Role of music in Indian freedom struggle have contributed immensely in creating great awareness among the people for informing them about the importance of independence. During that period, patriotic songs more or less provided the sense of ownership to Indians, thereby consolidating their will to gain control of their country someday. Artists all over the country were doing their best to put out the message of freedom through their art or literary works, especially through poems and music.

However, in the modern day and age the meaning of freedom has changed completely. Today the fast moving culture has restrained people in their monotonous lifestyle which again rules over their headspace, but music again comes to rescue like it did decades ago. The sense of solace that music gives to a person can easily be said to be that of contentment and evokes a feeling of responsibility towards themselves and those around them.

Music has embedded itself so deeply in our lives over the ages that now it has become an inseparable part of our consciousness. It is extremely easy to run out of superlatives to describe the role played by music in the struggles of our life, whether it was the struggle to gain independence or the struggle to gain that abstract sense of solace. Music motivates us to go on during the difficult and painful conditions. It carries us through when we grow weary by providing us the courage and verve to go out and conquer the sense of freedom.

This Independence Day, TAGG would like to salute the spirit of every Indian who never rested before they could see their country to be a free nation. We, in this new age are contributing at our best to help people gain independence from their regular and monotonous lifestyle to help them realize their self worth and the feeling of freedom. We also hope that on this auspicious day all of us take a moment and remember those who sacrificed their life just so that our beloved country, India may gain freedom and make its mark in front of the whole world, JAI HIND!

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